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Autonomous Agents
For Customer Engagement

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Agent structure

Enables Agents to reference and utilize relevant stored information during user conversations.


Empowers Agents with unique lingo, tone, and boundaries for unique & engaging customer interactions.


Configures Agents for direct sales, appointments, team connectivity and human escalation.

Agent capabilities

Seamless Scheduling

Agents interacts with users, discerns needs, and autonomously schedules appointments in team calendars, ensuring seamless integration and fully booked calendars.

Intelligent Recommendations

Agents know your business, guiding users to make informed decisions on products or services with precision.

24/7 Knowledge

Once equipped, Agents reference extensive data to answer queries in seconds, providing round the clock knowledge access to users.

Enterprise Synergy

Agents seamlessly integrate with daily-used enterprise apps like Google Calendar, Meet, Slack, HubSpot, Zoho, Gmail (+15 more) autonomously executing mundane tasks like booking appointments, logging tickets and more.

Human Collaboration

When encountering its limits, Agents skillfully documents and escalates issues, ensuring smooth transitions to human colleagues for resolution.

Strategic Sales

Agents detect sales/upsell opportunities from conversations, masterfully guiding customers decisively while capturing leads for team action.

Universal Translator

Agents communicates effortlessly in 80+ languages, breaking barriers for universal understanding and engagement.

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